1. Live Arrival Guarantee …

We take great pride in shipping extremely healthy and active birds to our customers. If a bird has perished upon arrival, a Finch Farm Credit for the amount of the perished bird will be provided to you as a coupon code that can be used toward a future purchase.


Live Animals are not returnable.


To honor our guarantee, claims require notification, in writing, within 24 hours of receipt, along with a picture of the perished bird*. Please communicate with us by clicking here.


Note: Periodically, some birds may have missing feathers, toe nails or toes. This is common among many species of birds as a result of birth defects or injuries throughout early stages of life. We perform rigorous quality control and inspect each bird’s ability to perch and thrive prior to shipment.


All birds go through a series of quality control points. Some health conditions are unable to be detected by visual inspection and many times it is not possible to determine what conditions may emerge due to shipping stress and stress of a new environment. Once you receive your bird(s), new owners are solely responsible for any medical expenses that may arise.


Our quality control standards are our policy.

2. Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty option

We are so proud of the high quality birds we are able to provide to you, and we share in your excitement and love of your new companion pet bird ownership.


In addition to our existing LIVE BIRD Arrival Guarantee, The Finch Farm is proud to offer an additional and optional 60 Day Extended Warranty, on any bird with a value of $999.99 or less. The process is easy and it’s done by simply selecting this 60 day extended warranty option as you add your bird to your cart.


We know that most new bird challenges occur within the first 60 days of purchase, so we are here for you! Our customers are being diligent to educate themselves to select the best birds for their aviaries and to prepare for their arrival, but it’s comforting to know we’re supporting you as well while your new birds adapt to their new environments.


Our knowledgeable and specialized staff will work with you to customize your bird’s care and needs, so your new avian companion birds will thrive and flourish as they transition into new environmental changes in your home. Conditions such as air quality, proximity to household toxins, nutrition, and even proximity to other loved family pets such as dogs and cats are factors that should be considered to reduce the chances of your birds becoming ill, fatigued, or perish.

Our Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty includes the following parameters:
  • Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty does not cover negligence by owner such as offering the wrong diet, injury or other situation where The Finch Farm Co. has no control or is unable to monitor the care of the bird.
  • The Finch Farm Co. must be notified in writing in the event of any health issues or concerns in order for the Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty to be honored so that recommendations can be made for treatment, etc.
  • In the event that your bird perishes within the warranty period, a picture of your bird needs to be sent to The Finch Farm Co. through the Contact Us button on our website.
  • Bird owners must be aware of common Household Toxins and Warnings and common Toxic Plants and Foods ( ,, that can be harmful to your pet. The Finch Farm Co. shall be held harmless if any warnings to toxic plants, foods and household warnings are not followed.
  • The Extended 60 Day Live Bird Warranty will be calculated at 20% of the price of the selected bird in your cart with a value of $999.99 or less. (The cost of supplies and services are excluded in this calculation.)
  • The Extended 60 Day Live Warranty covers the replacement cost of the deceased bird(s) only and does not cover any additional safety travel boxes or shipping fees associated with replacing your bird(s).
Care for your birds:

While antibiotics may occasionally need to be used to treat birds, we recommend that usage is coordinated with your Veterinarian If any of the birds are ‘tucking’ their head, sleeping all day, fluffed up and/or lethargic. During such times using antibiotics with their only water source might be considered, however, we recommend good Veterinarian guidance.


If you have issues or concerns about your birds, please notify us within three hours of receipt of your order so we may assist your needs quickly.


It is the customer’s responsibility to learn how to care for your new pet birds and to prepare for their arrival. Please review our FQA’s, our Bird Care Instructions, and complete additional research regarding your bird choices well before placing your orders, to ensure you have a good understanding of their needs and how to maintain your bird’s wellness. Once your bird(s) are in your care, we trust that you will care for your bird(s) in a loving and healthy manner.


Please note our pet bird offerings are ready to be domesticated by you, and have been previously weaned but not necessarily hand fed. The time it takes to tame your bird is dependent upon the amount of time you spend to create a strong bond of trust with your new bird. Every bird is different. We trust you will research your bird(s) regarding how best to bond with them, and their ability to be trained, as this will vary depending upon the bird species.


We wish you the very best in Avian adventures and we thank you for choosing ‘The Finch Farm Co’.


The Finch Farm Team


Our company goal is to provide excellent birds, products and customer service to help enhance your avian experience. Live animals are often challenging to source. Finding the best avian pet is our focus and includes our internal farming efforts, as well as our external partner network.


As such, our team would be grateful that once you have placed your live bird order, you please work with us until your order is received. Please review our cancellation policy in the Terms of Service.


You can count on us for the very best in selection and service. We appreciate being a part of your avian experience as well as assisting you to breed these wonderful creatures. Let’s work together to meet the needs of your avian pet(s), pet owners, and the needs of The Finch Farm Co. who serves you.


We sincerely appreciate your patronage and incredible support!


Non-live Product Returns:

Customers have 3 Days to return any unused, non-live product. Product(s) must be returned in original packaging and be undamaged. Your order number must accommodate the returned item. The Finch Farm will not provide any refunds unless the above conditions are met.


Customers are responsible for paying any shipping costs associated with any returns. Sale items are not eligible for refunds or credit.


Customers can exchange non-live products for a new item or return the product for a full refund or credit. However, store credit will not be issued for any ‘safety travel boxes’.


Customers are required to contact us prior to returning any products.

We may be reached by clicking here.